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The electronic music scene has seen an explosion of brand new talent come along over the past couple of years. There is a large number of producers within this industry who end up defining themselves by the genres they produce. Many of which seem to follow what’s trending in order to stay relevant rather than […]

Lost Kings is a fairly new Progressive House duo based out of Los Angeles, California. The group is made up of Rob Gainley and Nick Shanholtz, aka DJ Dr. No. The two were both on their own paths in the music industry until they met exactly one year ago, on Rob’s birthday to be precise. […]

Jon Spero, Matt Simmers, and Chris Barlow, are the three components of bass music group known as Terravita. The trio that is Terravita has been producing music for well over a decade now. The guys got together to form the group back in 2004 when they met in the Drum n’ Bass side of the […]

Imagine that you’ve just arrived at your very first rave. The line to get inside is 40 people deep, sub bass is rattling the metal structure of the venue, and you’re struggling to figure out how to pronounce the “j” in Mija [Mē-hä]. After you’ve been patted down by security and manage to separate your […]

There is a new artist on the horizon for house and progressive music, and that artist is Digital LAB. Jared Matos, aka Digital LAB, is said to be one of the household names in EDM. The Miami-based producer plays a blend of house, progressive, and electro, and is very impressive at doing so. He definitely […]