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There is a new artist on the horizon for house and progressive music, and that artist is Digital LAB. Jared Matos, aka Digital LAB, is said to be one of the household names in EDM. The Miami-based producer plays a blend of house, progressive, and electro, and is very impressive at doing so. He definitely […]

Aside of the music in the rave culture, being your own unique person is another side of the culture that sets itself apart from others. During the 90’s, there were the boiler suits, cyber gear, and phat pants. People dressed up in all kinds of different and unique outfits to express themselves and to look […]

Loved, Died, Achieved Immortality Love Death and Immortality is exactly what Glitch Mob fans have been craving since their 2011 EP release “We Can Make the World Stop.” Promotion of their new album began months before the February 11th release date; back in November of 2013, the Glitch Mob Facebook page began uploading small sections […]

Heroes x Villains with girlfriend Speakerfoxxx had me so caught in the trap I had to chew my leg off just to get out. Trap music began in the South–arguably in ATL itself–in the early 2000s. Well-known names like UGK, 3 6 Mafia and TI were some of the trailblazers for this genre to hit […]