March 14, 2014


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March 14, 2014 - March 14, 2014

9:00pm – 8:00am

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Friday March 14, 2014



Join over 4,000 of your closest friends at the biggest and best reoccurring EDM event in the entire Southeast, Kingdom Rave! This time we welcome you into the madness as we transform the entire main room into one of the most mystical storybook locations ever told: WONDERLAND!! The decor and production we have planned for this event will absolutely blow your mind!! It is then, and only then, that you will discover why WE ARE ALL MADD HERE!!


KINGDOM RAVE XI | LEGACY from D.V. Photography on Vimeo.

We welcome a galaxy of International Superstars to be guests at our ball:

RICHARD DURAND // Amsterdam, The Netheralnds
Without doubt the hottest new trance DJ / producer to emerge from Holland in recent years is Richard Durand. Recommended by the mighty Tiësto as his ‘Tip For The Top in 2007’ in DJ Magazine, Richard responded with a string of stunning productions and show stopping festival performances that have cemented his place as a fans favourite worldwide and a permanent fixture in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll. The Richard Durand sound is trance, techno and tough electro in a unique package that’s both dynamic and devastating. He has an ability to work crowds into a frenzy through his DJ sets, utilising 4 x CDJs, effects units and taking listeners on a whirlwind journey of cutting edge tunes, exclusive reworks, slick mixing and technical wizardry behind the decks – a combination that has made him must see material and a star performer at A-list events; headlining global festival brands such as Global Gathering, Sensation, Trance Energy, Mayday, ASOT, plus leading club brands around the world. When Black Hole Recordings announced at the start of 2010 that there would be a new figurehead of their legendary ‘In Search Of Sunrise’ series of CDs previously fronted by Tiësto, there proved to be just one obvious successor to the throne – Richard Durand. ‘In Search Of Sunrise 8 – South Africa’ was released in May 2010 to huge acclaim from the music press and dance fans alike, with ‘In Search Of Sunrise 9 – India’ following in 2011 and the landmark 10th release in the series due in May 2012. It was Richard Durand’s studio productions that first put his name on the map with Tiësto personally commissioning him to remix four separate singles including ‘Lethal Industry’ and ‘Flight 643’, with a remix of Armin van Buuren ‘In And Out Of Love’ another highlight. Equally popular have been the unofficial Richard Durand reworks of other famous tracks such as Prodigy ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ and Snow Patrol ‘Chasing Cars’ which have become firm favourites in the playlists of leading DJs worldwide. Richard Durand finally laid down an album marker in 2009 with Magik Muzik / Black Hole Recordings releasing his debut long player ‘Always The Sun’ which put Richard’s career path firmly in the fast lane with the album spawning crossover hits ‘Into Something’, ‘No Way Home’ and title track ‘Always The Sun’ which made TV channel playlists across Europe and clocked up close to 2 million YouTube hits. 2011 saw a further landmark release with his second artist album ‘Wide Awake’ which came loaded with several massive singles including the ‘Wide Awake’ title single feat. Ellie Lawson on vocals, ‘Explode’, ‘Night And Day’ feat. Christian Burns and ‘N.Y.C’ feat. Jes. As we move into 2012, ‘Richard Durand vs The World’ will be Richard’s third artist album and an album like no other. One continent at a time, Richard will be collaborating with both established and new producer talent with track arrangements made available on the internet for collaborators to work on and the winning entries making the final album release in September. Elsewhere, the eagerly anticipated 10th edition of the ‘In Search Of Sunrise’ compilation is released in May with a worldwide series of tour dates starting in Utrecht in Holland and working its way to every corner of the globe by the end of the year.

World famous drummer for DESTROID and PENDULUM:

KJ SAWKA LIVE // Seattle, Washington
KJ Sawka is BACK in the states after being on an intensive two year WORLD TOUR with the platinum selling, award winning electronic rock band, PENDULUM. Now, bringing forth the next stage of the electronic music movement. The new mega collaboration is born. DESTROID led by Canadian bass master EXCISION, featuring DOWNLINK and KJ SAWKA have already been crushing every 2012-2013 main stage. A full-on live Dubstep band executed in a way that bass music has never seen. Seeing Kevin Sawka on the drums is the only way to believe the hype. He can play the most complex of jungle, drum’n’bass and breakbeats utilizing no loops and no extended samples only his two hands and two feet. If you can catch him in the right moment live, at a show, or in a studio session you’ll witness him perform each and every 808 bass kick, snare slap, and compressed highhat tick himself, in real-time. “I’d like to be able to play like that all the time, however, live, I want to give the people the fully-produced, complex sound I’m envisioning, so I not only play the drums, but I manually trigger the basslines, melodies, riffs and now even the light show and projections with my drums so it’s a lot harder to focus on playing every single little single sound with my sticks. But it’s like I’m playing even more with my sticks lately, not less.” 10 years ago when drum’n’bass was very near it’s zenith in popularity, and Kevin was playing in prominent rock bands in Seattle (grunge was huge) someone played him an LTJ Bukem track, and, as he says, “It scorched my brain. I dropped everything, and focused solely on how to recreate that on the drums.” He heard Dieselboy as well. More brain-scorching. He started writing utilizing the style, and honed his new concepts and approach to the drums. He debuted the new sound in the band 94th Street, a band years ahead of it’s time: a pop drum’n’bass band with a sense of humor. While the band didn’t gain much momentum, the word about Kevin was out: there’s a drummer in Seattle who’s performing jungle and drum’n’bass beats on acoustic drums, what was once thought to be absolutely impossible by any human. And here Kevin was making it look easy like watching a jazz drummer who’s said to play “like water flowing,” Kevin instead was doling out insanely syncopated d’n’b. Word spread quickly. Seattle resident superstars were checking him out. Michael Shrieve, drummer for Santana for many years and lover of drum’n’bass, took him under his wing and showed him off to anybody and everybody: Andy Summers of the Police, Bill Frisell, Amon Tobin, Jack Dejohnette, Will Calhoun, and many more. Kevin at this time was playing an amazing next-generation drumkit: a custom half-acoustic, half electronic drum kit with one diabolically huge kick drum, one insanely tiny kick drum, three snares, a multitude of trashy sounding cymbals & saw blades, a few electronic drum pads and all the acoustic drums set to electronic triggers. His band at the time still ahead of it’s time was the all improvisatory avant-garde drum’n’bass trio Siamese. They toured the country multiple times in ’02 and ’03, bringing down the house in San Francisco at latenight afterparties and raves; in New Orleans during Jazzfest; opening for LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad in Portland; and, put simply, slaying nay-sayers and dropping the jaws of industry, musicians and fans nationally by performing astonishingly long sets of uptempo jungle and d’n’b without set breaks without even breaks between songs. Again, seeing is believing. Throughout this timeframe Kevin was always recording his own material, which is now seeing the light of day with his present project “that will never break up” -KJ Sawka. Breaks, drum’n’bass, IDM-based and reminiscent of an uptempo Ninja-Tune-like style, the tracks on Synchronized Decompression and now Cyclonic Steel should evoke the pioneering work of Sawka’s main influences: Amon Tobin and Squarepusher, with a bit of Noisia and Boards of Canada. Using some of Seattle’s most widely known underground female singers, they bring a balance of Seattle darkness, moodiness and beauty. Live and in the dj scene, Sawka is pushing the envelope with his one-man balls-to-the-wall dancefloor show, which now does include a laptop, samplers, loops, and a rack of gear to produce a full-on production plus projections, live-action cameras, and intelligent. For many live music venue gigs, Kevin also employs a full featuring ethereal female vocals, a keyboardist, and a cellist performing similar material in an in-your-face way that only the reverse-engineering, seemingly bionic Mr. Sawka can bring. Welcome, to the 21st Century.

SPLITBREED // Las Vegas, Nevada
SPLITBREED is a progressive and innovative EDM group based out of Las Vegas. Their high energy gritty performances explode into a mosh pit of sound. Their genre ranges from hip-hop infused EDM, to Dubstep and Rock. SPLITBREED, embodies their name. Founding members (brothers) Taui Mo’e and Kalani Mo’e are third generation Hawaiian entertainers. Teamed with their east coast import, DJ BGenius. The combined passion coursing through their veins, is evident on and off the stage. Their lyrical message and party energy is inspired via their rollercoaster ride in Sin City, and beyond. Since SPLITBREED’S inception in the summer of 2010, they have shared the stage with the likes of Big Chocolate, Bare, DJ Stellar, Messinian, Asher Rother, and Three 6 Mafia, as well as a European tour with Joey Mo’e. SPLITBREED released their debut EP BassDrop LoveFall which skyrocketed to #1. Their most recent single “WE ARE ONE” a collaboration with Scandinavian EDM wizards the Pegboard Nerds, released via Monstercat, hit #1 on Glitch Hop Beatport charts, within only 3 days. Remaining on top for 6 weeks. While, also becoming the #1 requested song on Las Vegas Radio, Jelli Vegas 96.7 and gaining over 5 million views on YouTube, SPLITBREED’s frequent performances in Las Vegas’s top nightclubs and their summer festival tour proves this versatile crew lives by their moto: Trade it all for the Bass!

FISTA CUFFS // Los Angeles, California
One of the most dominating groups of the underground west coast music scene is Fista Cuffs, an electronic music duo based out of Los Angeles, California that produces Moombahton, Trap and other Bass music. Fista Cuffs has its roots in Moombahton, a genre that they got into early, carving out their style as a grittier, Dubstep inspired Moombahcore. called them “Pioneers of the hard-hitting Moombahcore genre,” adding, “power duo Fista Cuffs bring the heat,” and Moombah+ called them “One of our favorite groups doing Moombahcore.” While making a name for themselves in Moombah, Fista Cuffs used their unique Moombahcore sound to generate radio show performances with Kid Cedek, ETC!ETC! and Sazon Booyah, and live performances with the likes of Nadastrom, Designer Drugs, and Dieselboy; they even had an international television debut, when DJ Pauly D played “Fortress” on the Fox Teen Choice Awards. Since they established themselves in the Moombahton scene, Fista Cuffs has continually shown their ability to branch out and succeed in other genres; particularly in Trap. Fista Cuffs trap productions have received praise from all angles. With blog interest from OnSMASH,,, MagneticMag, Trap Blasta! Network, and many more, Fista Cuffs’ unique style proves to be mixing very well with the Trap movement. Recently they have even begun collaborations with producers for 2 Chainz, Jay-Z, MIA and Gucci Mane. Fista Cuffs has thrown down sweat dripping, twerk inducing Trap sets at places such as The Roxbury, Dayglow LA (Life in Color), and Snowglobe Music Festival. Since gaining notice for their abilities in Trap, Fista Cuffs spun an exclusive mix for a hosted Mixify event, and an all unreleased “Fista Cuffs and Friends” mix on the TrapstepNetwork. RunTheTrap responded very publicly saying “DAMN SON Fista Cuffs seriously murdering this Mifiy set right now.” These mixes showed RunTheTrap, Mixify, the TrapstepNetwork and their listeners that Fista Cuffs is a serious force in the trap game, and they have received praise from some of the biggest names in Trap Music. With several successful Beatport releases under their belt, a Soundcloud teeming with 45+ tracks, and huge plans for 2014; Fista Cuffs’ momentum cannot be stopped.

Monstruo Ink, Owsla, Big Riddim, Human Imprint, FiXT, // Barquisimeto, Venezuela
If there’s a winning figure in the world of EDM, that’s Federico Agreda aka Zardonic. An artist that has worked his way up to the first place with unstoppable force since his beginnings in 2004: awarded as Best Keyboardist and Best Metal Artist in his native Venezuela, voted the #1 DJ in Venezuela according to The DJ List, reached #1 in Beatport’s Drum & Bass Release charts with his milestone album “Vulgar Display Of Bass” (including the million time played single “Bring Back The Glory”), -#1 in Beatport’s Hardcore / Hard Techno Release charts with the “Far Beyond Bass” remix album and #1 in Amazon’s Bestsellers in Hard Rock & Metal charts with his remix of The Unguided’s “Phoenix Down” single. Constantly touring with a busy schedule, his event history includes dates in over 26 countries from his hometown Barquisimeto to the legendary Tokyo, sharing the stage with world renowned characters like Zombie Boy (famous for his cameo in the video ‘Born This Way’ by Lady Gaga and his role in the movie 47 Ronin starring Keanu Reeves), The Mexican Vampire Woman (Guinness World Record of the woman with the most body changes) and metal titans Dimmu Borgir, as well as playing in many of the top underground EDM festivals including France’s Electro Leo and Koalition, Netherlands’ PRSPCT XL, Portugal’s Allfandega and Russia’s legendary Pirate Station, acknowledged to be the biggest Drum & Bass festival in the world, all while wearing an enigmatic mask that has become his personal brand and signature. Encompassing everything from Glitch Hop and Electro to Drum & Bass and Hardcore Techno with an extreme metal style he calls “Bass Metal”, his release history includes over 100 original tracks and remixes in labels such as three time Grammy award winner Skrillex’s OWSLA label, Grammy nominated DJ AK1200’s Big Riddim label and America’s top Drum & Bass DJ Dieselboy’s Human Imprint label, gaining worldwide air plays on London’s BBC Radio 1 and Russia’s Radio Record.

SPORTY-O & KISSKAYA // Atlanta/Tokyo
SPORTY-O is back with what will undoubtedly be his biggest set to date at Kingdom Rave! This will be Sporty’s first ever world debut of him behind the decks!! Long time collaborator, and Tokyo based KISSKAYA, joins Sporty on stage for what will undoubtedly an unforgettable set!! There is nothing this duo cant do, and you will see it all live for the first time in the World right here at Kingdom Rave Twelve!!

DOTCOM // Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Deriving “Dotcom” from his last name “Comstock,” Dotcom has exploded on the bass scene with his explosive trap remixes and heavy hitting production. Drawing influences from the likes of Dillon Francis, Diplo, and Flosstradamus – traces of dubstep, trap, and even progressive house can be found in Dotcom’s unique sound and style. Dotcom’s remix of Chief Keef’s “Hate Being Sober,” has seen 800,000+ plays in just one month. Averaging 300k plays a week on his Soundcloud, Dotcom is surely on the rise and an up and comer in the EDM world. Dotcom has received support and attention from trap/dubstep’s finest – Crizzly, HeRobust, and many more.

Static System, Rat Records, illeven eleven, // Orlando, Florida
In todays dance music market, not many can boast collaborations with some of the most heavy hitting and consistently charted artists. The US DJ and producer, Dustin Hulton is known for not only working with the best: Deekline, Afrika Bambaata, Splack Pack, Sporty-O, Wizard and Ed Solo who are all operating at the absolute peak of their game. Yet anyone who has ever seen the club impact of Dustin Hulton’s ridiculously catchy Rat Records booty banger Apple Bottom, produced alongside Deekline and featuring the unmistakable vocals of Atlanta’s Sporty-O, will know that this is a man capable of placing some serious aces in DJs’ wax packs. Hulton has also worked with the likes of MC Flipside, DJ Fixx, Keith Mackenzie, Nikki Carabello, Baby Anne and Whiskey Pete, to name but a few. In terms of original tracks, he’s dropped numbers on some of the most respected labels in independent dance music, including PBR, Caffeine Records, Illeven Eleven Recordings, Against the Grain and iBreaks. And when he’s not killing it in the studio, he takes time to share his skills teaching the next generation via a prestigious advanced audio engineering at one of the US’ most sought after universities for media arts. Whether behind the decks or performing a full live show, Hulton is the man to throw down innovative and edgy jams that break new ground and smash up musical stereotypes (as well as bassbins). Watch him power up the low-end and rock the discotech.

Born in England, but residing in Atlanta, 13 year old Riven, aka Brice Johns, has been producing dub step and trap music since he was 11. Known for his smooth transitions and creative new sounds, Riven has recently jumped into the EDM scene full force in 2013 and has been on the rise ever since. Inspired by the sounds of Flying Lotus, Buku, Skism, Excision, Mantis, and Paper Diamond, he has the ability to pull from multiple genres and incorporate these sounds into his production.