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If you happen to follow closely the Disciple Boys like I do, you should know that the crew had some fun times at the “Disciple Camp” that was happening this past week. Boooi, these guys not only know how to produce bad ass music but also how to have some ridiculous fun. This weekend Atlanta […]

Krewella is back at it again with their newest mix, Troll Mix Vol. 11: Road To Coachella. The trio put this mix together to prepare us for their first ever appearance at the Coachella festival. If you have enjoyed the last 10 Troll Mixes, then you will most definitely enjoy this one also. It’s up […]

Listen to the Q-dance Stage from Day 2 & Day 3 of TomorrowWorld 2013 – (September 27th-29th / Chattahoochee Hills – Atlanta, Georgia USA)   This playlist contains 9 tracks, total time: 17.18.33 TomorrowWorld 2013 | Q-dance Stage | Humanoise TomorrowWorld 2013 | Q-dance Stage | Zatox TomorrowWorld 2013 | Q-dance Stage | Enceladus TomorrowWorld […]

Trap – HotNewEdm Week 3 Dec13 Bass – HotNewEdm Week 3 Dec13 House – HotNewEdm Week 3 Dec13 Trance – HotNewEdm Week 3 Dec 13 Live DJ Mix/Live Set – HotNewEdm Week 3 Dec13

Trap – HotNewEdm Week 2 Dec13 Bass – HotNewEdm Week 2 Dec13 House – HotNewEdm Week 2 Dec13 Trance – HotNewEdm Week2 Dec 13 Live DJ Mix/Live Set – HotNewEdm Week 2 Dec13