April 18, 2014

Aero Chord Remixes Botnek & 3LAU’s ‘Vikings’ Track [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Posted By Zach Warren

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Tags: 3Lau Aero Chord botnek hardstyle remix trap vikings

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The mastermind behind the remixes of ‘#SELFIE,’ ‘Live For The Night,’ and the awesome track ‘Helicopter’ has done it again. This time, Aero Chord decided to put his own twist to the monster hit on main stages everywhere at the moment, Botnek & 3LAU’s song called ‘Vikikgs.’ The remix features a mix of trap and hardstyle, which is rarely done successfully because the two genres are so different. If you have never heard any song that smashes trap and hardstyle together, you are in for a treat. The first drop is a trap sound and then the second drop fuses the hardstyle bassline and trap together. This guy is on fire and shows no sign of slowing down with this recent remix. The song is up for a free download so make sure after you give it a listen to download it!