Music Videos


One of the most underrated songs of the latest  Jack Ü album “Mind” finally have a music video to illustrate the beauty of this song.  The words posess your mind with mind games (see what I did there) and who doesn’t love seeing Skril (More...)

The wait is finally over for the video of the most played track of 2015. Check out  the Official Music Video for “Deep Down Low” by Valentino Khan. The video was shot in Tokyo. Try and see if you can spot Skrillex in the video!  

Alesso has done it again with giving us yet another great music video which premiered yesterday. The Swedish producer is known for having some well-put-together music videos in the past, so ‘Cool‘ was certainly no exception. In the video, Ales (More...)

The Swedish duo out of Stokholm, known as Dada Life released the music video for their latest hit single, “One Smile,” on YouTube yesterday. The video received a tremendous response from the people of Dada Land around the world. The two produc (More...)

Recess Remixes Teaser – Skrillex and Kill The Noise ft. Fatman Scoop and Michael Angelakos 1) Skrillex & Kill The Noise feat. Fatman Scoop and Michael Angelakos – Recess (Milo & Otis Remix) 2) Skrillex & Kill The Noise feat. Fat (More...)

Move over MTV, we finally have a real platform that provides non-stop 24/7 free music for our viewing pleasure. We all know where MTV has gone over the last decade, from teens with babies to guidos in Jersey, and they pretty much ditched music all togethe (More...)

We have seen Elders React videos on YouTube of elders reacting to things from Gangnam Style, Justin Bieber, to even twerking. Now we have the senior citizens watching and reacting to the video of the infamous song #SELFIE by The Chainsmokers. These reacti (More...)