Moonrise Festival is set to have another go coming in August of 2014. This is the first installment of Moonrise, but it is actually the second attempt. The festival was supposed to happen last year but was cancelled about a month prior due to a permit iss (More...)

We are getting reports from different news outlets about TomorrowLand making another expansion to Brazil in 2015. The news of this expansion first broke on a Brazilian entertainment blog called, Omelete. While ID&T have not officially confirmed this y (More...)

We have all been there before with meeting new amazing friends at music festivals. You meet that really awesome person while at the festival, and for a short period of time, you think you might become best friends for life with them. Then in the heat of t (More...)

As a writer for the EDM community, I never enjoy hearing tragic news of deaths at music festivals or shows, nor do I like being bearer of bad news with said news. Over this past weekend, tragedy struck the community as we learned that a fellow EDM family (More...)

              Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas is underway in the desert. EDC is one of the most magical experiences of a lifetime for festival-goers. This EDM festival is one of the most highly anticipated of the festi (More...)

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