The latest single titled “I Wanna Know” from Swedish producer Alesso has been quite the summer hit all over the festival circuit of 2016. He definitely switched things up a little by taking a more down-tempo approach than what we are used to with this piece. In this case, a change of pace is actually a good thing in this fast moving industry. The track has a catchy guitar melody attached with some powerful vocals from Nico & Vinz which created a memorable summer anthem for dance music. With that, the song laid a path for several other producers to give it their own unique spin. Even Alesso himself joined forces with Deniz Koyu to create a more upbeat version of the track which released back in May.

Out of the several remixes that have been created for this track, one that truly stands out the most was recently released by Atlanta based house music duo, Halogen. These two are no strangers to taking some big tracks and creating remixes which gain ample feedback from major names within the industry including dance music fans as well. This remix of “I Wanna Know” has an incredible piano melody along with a bass line that will instantly have any crowd grooving. This one will surely receive tons of feedback and support from across the dance music scene around the globe. Remixes can be a hit or miss with most original songs that are released; but it seems like when Halogen gets their crafty hands on any track, they consistently deliver. It is safe to say that the remix from Halogen is just a little better than the original, no offense to Alesso. Below is a nice little music video which includes the Halogen remix of “I Wanna Know”. You can also hear the track on Spotify or SoundCloud Go as well. Be sure to go and hit that follow button on Halogen’s SoundCloud page or like them on Facebook so you don’t miss anything new coming from these guys. Trust us on this one, they are heading places and you won’t regret joining them on their journey.


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