On Sunday night, May 25th, Benny Benassi graced Atlanta with his musical presence for a night that many will not forget. This was a special Memorial Day event held on Sunday at Opera Nightclub in Atlanta. The venue was packed out to see the electronic music legend, Benny Benassi, perform on a very special day. One of the greatest things about experiencing Benny Benassi live is that he has the amazing ability to blend the classics with new hits as well.

From the time Benny’s set began, he had the entire dance floor moving. A legend like Benny just has the unique skill to fuse together timeless classic electronic hits to the listener’s favorite tunes of today. I haven’t experienced anything like a Benny Benassi set before. I noticed everyone around the entire venue was having a blast and loving the music that Benny was playing. Each transition to the next song seemed to pump up the crowd even more throughout the night. One memorable moment during his set was when he played one of his very popular songs called “Cinema.” Benny started out playing the original “Cinema” track with the build-up. Then towards the end of the song, he surprised everyone by throwing in the always amazing Skrillex dubstep edit that made the crowd go crazy. It was also very interesting that Benny played a variety of house music including some Deorro, and the latest Carnage banger, “Krakatoa.”

Benny Benassi is definitely an artist that you must go and experience live for yourself if you love electronic music. He is one of those producers that knows exactly how to energize the crowd; and he truly knows how to play the tunes that get dance floors moving from opening to close. This was an amazing night for everyone there at the show. It was a great way to celebrate a Memorial Day weekend with an electronic music legend performance such as Benny Benassi. If you haven’t seen Benny Benassi live yet, you are truly missing out on an amazing experience.