If you haven’t been on social media over the past few days, first off, you probably live under a rock. Secondly, you missed out on the temper tantrum that DJ Carnage bestowed upon Hard Fest in LA over the weekend. The scene was rainy, nasty, and filled with anger apparently. Whilst JackU (Skrillex and Diplo) were playing on another stage, Carnage was on the Harder Stage and the atmosphere was polar opposites between the two. While there was a temporary pause during Carnage’s set due to rain and technical difficulties, he decided to take the opportunity to express his anger towards Gary Richards and company.

During the standstill of music, Carnage got on the mic and gave a small angry┬árant to the crowd of Hard Summer. Just as his music cued up, Carnage yells, “F*ck Gary Richards! That [n-word] tried to f*ck me up, but guess what? Chipotle Gang ain’t stoppin’!” Below is a YouTube video of the whole speech that was shot by a spectator:

After the show was over, Carnage got on Twitter and began tweeting about the incident. Here are some of his tweets below:

If anyone knows DJ Carnage, then they will know that he does not hesitate to stand up for what he believes in. Carnage probably could have handled the situation differently than blasting Gary Richards and Hard Summer. The next day, Carnage went on Ustream and broadcasted live his version of the story. He began to bash Gary Richards once more, claiming there was a breach in contract and he was not even going to play a set at Hard Summer. Carnage said that he could not to that to Chipotle Gang or LA. Temper tantrums seem to be the trend these days. Recently we’ve seen MiMOSA show his colors in Huston by flipping out on Downlink and pouring Grey Goose vodka on him while on stage. Now we have Mr. Chipotle Gang throwing a fit over his music being “suspiciously cut off.” Hopefully Carnage does not earn himself a spot on Hard Summer’s black list, and maybe he will keep his temper down for the rest of festival season 2014.