If you have not heard about the crazy Deadmau5 set and controversy on Twitter yet, you must be living under a rock. On Saturday, day 2 of Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Deadmau5 replaced Avicii who had recently been hospitalized for gallbladder blockage. He has been known for his sarcastic demeanor on Twitter and Facebook as well as having “beefs” with people on the sites. Deadmau5 started off the day with tweets joking about Martin Garrix’s track, Animals being played throughout the festival by many artists. He tweeted, “Lemme know if garrix plays animals… and the set contains at LEAST 1 countdown from 10. thanks.” Then he tweeted again with ,”Ah, Animals! What a surprise!” This all seemed like harmless fun that he was having, although many people took this trolling the wrong way.

This tweet here that he posted seemed to hint that he was planning on doing something funny during his set.

Deadmau5 took the stage to close out day 2, and sure enough, his antics were definitely not over with. He played Martin Garrix’s track Animals mixed with the nursery rhyme, Old MacDonald Had A Farm. He also threw in Avicii’s track Levels as well during the set. Some found the Animals “remix” to be very funny since the song has ran its course over the last year at festivals and shows; others saw this act as disrespect towards the artists. Check out the video here!

Tiesto did not like that Deadmau5 made a joke of Avicii or Garrix, and took to Twitter with his opinions as well.

Deadmau5 is still talking about the controversy as of today. He states that every artist should be banned for playing Animals.