The beginning of 2015 has been a busy time for Don Diablo. In early February, the Dutch producer presented us with a new label of his own called, Hexagon, where we can expect nothing but great music to come in the near future. One of the first tracks to be released finally happened today; Don Diablo teamed up with CID to remix Alex Adair’s, “Make Me Feel Better“. The original track from the UK producer, Alex Adair, was a wonderful track that had warm spring and summer vibes all over it. It had a hint of a tropical house feel that just made you want to grab a swimsuit and head out to the beach to catch some sun. Let’s first take a look at the original track, if you haven’t already heard this one, just so you can see the difference between the two.

You can certainly feel the warm, summer time vibes from the track with a splash of Tropical House, similar to the style that Kygo uses. It had that contagious deep house, yet tropical feel that was perfect for cruising with the top down on a sunny day, or lounging in the sun with a fruity cocktail in hand. A few weeks ago, Don Diablo and CID put their twist on the already wonderful track. The track starts off a with a little faster pace than the original. It still has the feel of a summery, tropical vibe. Then it takes us into the drop which has some powerful chords and an oh-so-groovy beat. This awesome groove twist that Don Diablo put on this track made it irresistible not to get up and dance around the room. Without further ado, here is the Don Diablo and CID remix that is already seeing some tremendous support within the EDM community.