The Atlanta Music Project, founded in 2010, is a non-profit organization which brings music education to the underprivileged youth in the city of Atlanta. It is comprised of a group of kind and giving people, who dedicate their own time to provide this wonderful service to the youth of Atlanta. Most of these children might not get the opportunity to do so without this organization. The Atlanta Music Project strives to generate a positive social change in the communities they serve. These people teach their students how to perform in orchestras and choirs as well through intense courses throughout the school year.

This summer, The Atlanta Music Project has teamed up with TomorrowWorld and a group of hard-working local volunteers to help provide a great summer season of music education for not only the underprivileged youth, but locals and fans of music as well. The Atlanta Music Project also has a group of individuals which make up the AMP Street Team. The AMP Street team are a team of volunteers which ensures that concerts run as smoothly as possible. AMP Street Team members also help young artists by giving them rides to their concerts, chaperoning, helping build stages for their concerts, and raising funds to help purchase new instruments.

TomorrowWorld is now a proud partner of the Atlanta Music Project which supports its AMP Street Team. This is a great way for everyone to give back to the community that both TomorrowWorld and AMP love the most, their hometown of Atlanta. If you make the pledge of #LoveTomorrow and completing 24 hours of your volunteer service, you can earn a free Full Madness pass to TomorrowWorld 2015. Here is how you can make the pledge and become part of the Atlanta Music Project Street Team:

– The deadline for application submissions is next Wednesday July 15, 2015 at 10pm EST.
– Volunteer hours must be completed by Monday September 21, 2015.
– #LoveTomorrow Pledge applicants must be 21+ by September 25, 2015.