Music seems to be one truly important key to keeping the world sane during unprecedented times like the roller coaster that is 2020. It’s one part of our society that will never go away, and it will always be there to save the day. Through a whirlwind of cancellations of live music events across the globe, many musicians (especially electronic dance music producers) have been hard at work in an attempt to reach out to eager fans whom cling to every small glimpse of positive hope for a brief escape from a topsy-turvy world.

Evan Cazes, aka Evalution, has done just that with the release of his brand new EP titled Railhouse Rock, which is set to release Friday, July 10th on Power House Records.

Evalution Releases Railhouse Rock EP on Power House Records (Out Now!) 1

In just 4 tracks, Railhouse Rock EP showcases a great amount of creative experimentation to drive home the raw musical talent Evalution clearly put on display. “I started the Railhouse Rock EP in July of 2019, and it’s the most cohesive project I’ve created to date,” said Cazes.

The mixture of wonky bass-wobs, smooth licks from his guitar, and clean vocals masterfully blended throughout the EP hits you right in the soul with funky good vibes. Each track has its own unique approach, “They are all reflective of the musical styles I was surrounded with from a young age.” There’s a moment when you dig right into an eclectic album or a playlist where you just immediately get that live music atmosphere feel, complete with a raging crowd full of energy. That is precisely what you get when playing Railhouse Rock.

Railhouse Rock wasn’t Evalution’s first release on Power House Records. Exactly one year ago his record “Get Down” brought to life. If you go back and listen, it’s like a precursor to his current project Railhouse Rock. This EP was Evalution’s first attempt at recording original vocals, which appear on the tracks “Feel Alright” and “Make It Loud.”

Check out the full EP of Railhouse Rock below, and grab your digital copy when you visit the Evalution fan link by clicking here. Without further adieu, it’s time to crank up the volume and get down to some funky, bluesy, wonky bass music from Evalution!  

Power House · Evalution – Railhouse Rock

Evalution Releases Railhouse Rock EP on Power House Records (Out Now!) 2