As a writer for the EDM community, I never enjoy hearing tragic news of deaths at music festivals or shows, nor do I like being bearer of bad news with said news. Over this past weekend, tragedy struck the community as we learned that a fellow EDM family member has tragically passed away. Shortly after sunrise last Saturday at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, Montgomery Tsang, 24, collapsed outside of Las Vegas Motor Speedway which is the venue for the festival. Tsang was taken to a local hospital in Las Vegas where he was pronounced deceased later that morning. But as the old saying goes, with tragedy comes the possibility of triumph. I recently came across a fundraiser that was created by a girl named Ashlee Pham to assist Tsang’s family with the funeral costs.

While I don’t feel it is necessary to post about a death at an event, I felt the need to talk about what has followed the tragic death of this young man. Most blogs only post about the death of a person without any consideration of the deceased family or friends in the matter. It really saddens me to see that stories such as this get posted on these EDM blogs, some of them without including condolences, just to get people to click on their article and share it. Although I definitely felt the need to post about this amazing fundraiser for Mr. Tsang. I thought that a positive post would be something necessary to do, not only for the community, but for the person who passed away as well. I was completely blown away at the generosity from not only his family and friends, but the EDM community as well. The fundraiser has accumulated over $14,000 with over 190 supporters in just a few short days which is absolutely incredible. It warmed my heart to read all the kind comments on the fundraiser’s page in honor of Monte Tsang. This is one of the many reasons why I love the EDM community. The fact that most of these people whom did not really know Mr. Tsang, was generous enough to donate money to help his family cover his funeral costs. This shows that this community does care about one another no matter who that person may be or where they are from. Something as small as donating a few dollars or even sending condolences to the family and friends shows just how wonderful and loving this community really is. Here is a quote from the Monte Tsang Fundraiser page:

“On June 21, 2014, our dear friend and beloved brother passed away at the young age of 24. Monte was described as loving, energetic, uplifting and always genuine. He had everyone’s best interest at heart and never failed to light up a room with his charming smile. We are devastated to lose one of our best, but can only hope that he will be remembered for the amazing and caring man that he was.”








Please take a moment and visit the fundraiser’s website below. There you can send a donation of any dollar amount that you’d like. You can also leave a comment on the page, as well as share the fundraiser via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Like I mentioned before, the fundraiser has reached over $14,000 in donations with a $20,000 goal with just under 8 days left. If you would like to donate to Monte’s funeral, please click below and do so now. Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of Mr. Monte Tsang.