Cabins and Suites On Sale Now For Groove Cruise Cabo

GC Cabo Sails October 28 from San Diego
120 Hours of Continuous Music, Five Days, Ten Sunrises and Sunsets

Groove Cruise, the founders and leaders of the floating dance music festival movement, will once again set sail this October, charting a course to Cabo San Lucas, a first for any musical cruise.

The trailblazing cruise liner today debuted the official teaser video for Groove Cruise Cabo, transporting veteran cruisers and newfound fans alike to the Groove Cruise paradise.

Featuring sweeping shots of Cabo San Lucas and stunning visuals of Groove Cruise’s renowned parties, Groove Cruise Cabo’s official teaser trailer showcases the unique vibe that is found only on-board the ship. It is through this lens of unabashed revelry that the Groove Cruise experience is revealed. For its loyal attendees, Groove Cruise is much more than another party– it is a reunion of family from across the globe, an off-the-grid escape into extravagance, and an opportunity for endless spontaneous adventure.

Groove Cruise Cabo will stand alone as the world’s longest floating festival, departing from San Diego on October 28 and returning November 2. Passengers will be treated to luxurious accommodations including 16 extraordinary dining options and a full spa and fitness center aboard the Norwegian Sun, which they will call home through ten sunrises and sunsets. The ship will dock overnight in Cabo San Lucas on October 30, allowing passengers to explore Cabo’s iconic white sand beaches and colonial architectural landmarks, and even zip-line through the region’s famed canyons before returning to a Groove Cruise hosted private beach party.

Encapsulating everything from vibe-ridden sunrises and sunsets, magical main-stage moments, and after-hours sessions on the open deck, Groove Cruise has retained its reputation as dance music’s premiere destination event since its inception. Groove Cruise Cabo will see the expedition define new standards as they set sail on untouched horizons.

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