At this moment, we cannot confirm that this video is real or fake. For now, we just have the info that this hunter is claiming.

This is one of the weirdest stories that I have had to cover regarding post-music festival news. Yesterday on October 7th, a video was uploaded to YouTube of a hunter ┬áin the woods not far from the site of the TomorrowWorld festival in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, who is talking to a naked man across a creek. While you can barely see the naked man in the distance, you can hear the confused man try to explain what happened to him. The hunter, Casey Sanders, was nervously asking what the man was doing naked in the woods near his deer stand. It is quite chilling to hear how the naked man starts to recollect what happened to him, because he honestly doesn’t remember much. Apparently, the man was jumped by three people as he was leaving TomorrowWorld, taken down the road, stripped naked, and left alone in the middle of nowhere.

In the video’s description, Sanders said, “I showed up to my stand to bow hunt on Thursday, October the 2nd, and hear someone yell. I looked down to find a man standing in the creek holding a walking stick with not a stitch of clothing on him. Claimed he had been beaten up by some guys at Tommorwworld then dropped in the woods after they stripped him of everything. He spent days trying to find water and then he stuck to the creek once he found it. He recalled his number and I got in touch with somebody to come get him after I led him to the road. By far the craziest hunting story I will ever have!”

Here is the video below. Make sure to turn your volume up and you can hear the distress and confusion in the naked man’s voice. I really hope that the men that beat this person up and left him naked in the woods were not apart of the TomorrowWorld festival. If they were, then people need to start looking out for one another so things like this does not happen anymore. The famous question arose when I saw this video, “Could this be Carl?” All jokes aside, this is unfortunate what happened to the young man. Watch the video below and stay tuned for further information from this breaking story.