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It is a well known fact that Jauz is never one to keep quiet on social media. This rising star producer is always one to voice his opinions on any subject regarding the music industry and his beliefs. Today Jauz took to his Facebook to answer everyone’s questions on how he made it in the music industry. This is a lengthy post, but it was worth the time to read. If you are someone who is an aspiring producer, or even someone seeking success in other avenues, it would behoove you to memorize this by heart. These are very wise words from this young, yet talented artist; and we think that everyone should use this as their guidelines to their own personal paths to success in life. You can read his motivational post in full below.


Warning: this is a long post. This is a culmination of people around the world asking me the same kind of questions, and…

Posted by JAUZ on Monday, March 14, 2016