Have you ever wanted to be able to listen to commercial free music with no cost? Or have you wanted to listen to a live broadcast of that show or festival, for example EDC Las Vegas, that you were not able to attend? Well now this dream has become a reality with a new website called GrooveFox. This site is a 100% free EDM streaming site with absolutely no commercials. Now users will not be confined to having to switch between hundreds of sub-genres or deal with hearing the same song over and over. GrooveFox offers all genres of EDM and many different shows broadcasting live on the station as well.  GrooveFox also has a free app available on the iTunes App Store so users can listen on the go.

This is the first app and streaming station of its kind that is set up like a traditional radio streaming site with several EDM artists with DJ’s and producers of all genres of EDM. No more will users have to deal with annoying ads or having to sift through a bunch of different sub-genres to find what they are looking for. Each song on GrooveFox is hand selected with the exception of life DJ broadcasts. GrooveFox also includes different shows such as “New Beats,” “Classics,” and “Top 10 Countdown. The GrooveFox app makes it as easy as opening the app to start listening to free EDM.

GrooveFox also has a kickstarter project that needs funding in order to have the app and website grow. By pledging to their project and donating to their cause, the people of GrooveFox are offering special discounts on their “GrooveFox Premium” subscriptions. Check out this video on the GrooveFox kickstarter page, ” The EDM Experience”.



This site, as well as the app,  is something that you don’t want to sleep on. If you want commercial free EDM without a monthly subscription or dealing with sites that are not user friendly, then GrooveFox is definitely something worth giving a try. The newest experience with EDM is here and this is definitely one that needs to get some recognition. You will not be disappointed if you are an EDM lover! The app is only available on iTunes as of right now; and no confirmation has been made as to whether or not there will be an app available on the Android app store yet.


Here’s the link to go and pledge on their kickstarter project if you wish to do so.