The infamous religious hate group, Westboro Baptist Church is at it again with their usual protesting. The churches spokesperson Lisa Greer has announced that they plan to attend and picket Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas this June.

According to a few reports, the extremist hate group has purchased nearly 80 tickets to EDC and plan to be in attendance during all three days of the festival taking place June 17-19. Spokesperson Greer claims that they plan to be in “full protest mode”, which by now, those who have seen their heinous protest should know exactly what they mean by that.

In a recent post made by Associated Media Coverage, Greer made ridiculous statements in regards to the beloved EDC music festival. Greer said, “This festival is just another trashy haven for inappropriate sexual activity and rampant drug use. In addition to the rampant drug use and inappropriate heterosexual sexual activity, this festival openly supports and welcomes gay attendees. We believe that same-sex marriages are being openly condoned and sanctioned on festival grounds, we hope to thwart these blatant sins against Jesus Christ – our mission is to educate.

Their form of “educating” is to spread hate and make bigoted protest with using picket signs showing hate inspired images and messages. We urge the people who are planning to attend EDC this year that if these plans are actually true, to please try and enjoy this beautiful festival and make the best of it by ignoring these terrible people. We hope that the attendees can do just that in by ignoring them and not to try and cause harm or invoke violence upon them. It would only reflect badly upon the festival if that were to happen. It is very unfortunate to hear this kind of news that a group such as Westboro would want to try and disrupt people from having a great time and making wonderful memories at one of the best music festivals in the world. Our best advice, just ignore and kill them with kindness and show them how wrong they are about the festival and the people who attend.

Source: Associated Media Coverage