With the fall season of 2019 in full swing, the time for Electric Daisy Carnival’s Orlando edition of the massive EDM festival brand is drawing near. Most of those seeking to attend this year’s festival should be making plans for the weekend of November 8-10. Ride share is a vital tool to getting safe and easy transportation to and from the festival without the hassle of driving through downtown Orlando, and the dreaded I-4 traffic nightmare that is inevitable… Thanks a lot Mickey. There’s a really great new women-focused ride share company called Safr, which launched over the summer in the city of Orlando that should be on the radar to utilize for EDC Orlando attendees.

Although the service available to the downtown Orlando area will be able to accommodate rides with a 24-hour notice, this is a great tool for those women staying in the downtown area who plan to attend the festival either alone or with their female friends. With rising numbers of sexual assault allegations and incidents on drivers of other ride share companies, the Safr app was created to improve the safety and lives of women. Orlando, Florida is just the beginning for Safr, as the company plans to expand globally to help women all over the world.

Not only will the Safr app be available to just women riders, the drivers will also be women as well. This app has taken the proper steps to ensure security for all patrons and employees are top priority. Safr will include the vehicle’s description and license plate, along with a color-matching system between driver and rider for extra security to make sure the rider is with the correct driver. Riders will also be able to use a panic button that routes them straight to 911 dispatchers, which also shares the location of the rider to emergency officials.

“With the other rideshares, there have been incidents where young women don’t feel safe. They’ve been attacked,” said Safr Orlando team member Gert Garman. “And not just that, but drivers don’t feel safe, women drivers don’t feel safe late at night, so they’re not making as much money.”

To become a user, find Ride Safr in your Google Play store or App Store for iOS. For more tips on how to safely and effectively use any rideshare service, click here to visit GoSafr.com for more details.

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