Atlanta was once again treated with the beloved Canadian duo, Adventure Club last Friday, January 30. Although Adventure Club has been to Atlanta many times within the last year, they are still able to have sell out crowds each time the appear. Their shows are always highly anticipated, and they never fail to deliver a great set as well. A key component to Adventure Club’s success in playing in Atlanta is their multi-genre style. They bring tons of energy to a crowd time and time again.


The guys opened up with that grimy, floor-thumping dubstep which seemed just like classic Adventure Club. What helped make their set even better was the all new Pure Groove sound system installed for this night. It had incredible sound quality with some deep bass and minimal distortion. Their set included a lot of their hits like “Crave You,” “Wonder,” and a few other tracks from their album, “Calling All Heroes.” They even played their latest track, “Fade,” which was definitely a crowd favorite.


I was both impressed with Adventure Club’s set and the new Pure Groove system. They had yet again brought a sell out crowd to Atlanta. It honestly feels like these guys are building a residency here with these successful turnouts. This past Friday’s show will certainly not be the last you will hear from Adventure Club in Atlanta.