Alison Wonderland has been on a mission, and that mission is to blaze her trail the way she does it best. How do we know this is her goal? Because on her current “Run” tour, she turned the walls inside out at Opera in Atlanta on Friday, February 19th!


This talented producer has been making tidal waves in the last year, boasting successful sets at Electric Daisy Carnival in Orlando and Electric Forest. What is so alluring about this beautiful woman? Alison Wonderland plays it real. What she brings to the stage is nothing but pure reality (no pun intended) and makes every single person shiver with excitement and real joy. Last Friday she made her presence very much known in her popular oversized
Adidas shirt and knee high socks while slamming the trap tracks down in style. Up close or far in the back, fans bounced long and hard to all of her debut hits like “I Want U” and “Take It to Reality”. The most fabulous part of a set from Alison Wonderland is the back and forth she gives with the crowd. She has skill at making you feel her notions through both her music and her small talk. If she has something to share with you, she does just that and at no point does this stop and go method make the set any less enjoyable. In fact, it just makes it all the more awesome!


If you haven’t discovered the fire and graceful talent of Alison Wonderland, make sure to do a little bit of exploring in your spare time. Check out her music videos below and her social media outlets too. Find out for yourself how she makes music so real.