We have all been there before with meeting new amazing friends at music festivals. You meet that really awesome person while at the festival, and for a short period of time, you think you might become best friends for life with them. Then in the heat of the moment, you get separated and lose that new friend just as quickly as you found them. Now you just have to hope that by some miracle you find your new “BFF” in a mass of thousands of people, in which the odds are certainly not in your favor. You then kick yourself for forgetting to get that person’s number or Facebook profile from them, which is bad vibes all around for you and your long lost friend. This terrible situation that happens to most is now a thing of the past with this year’s edition of TomorrowLand bracelets.


TomorrowLand has developed a genius concept with their bracelets for this year by syncing each bracelet with the owner’s Facebook account. Each ticket purchaser will get a gift box containing the unique bracelet. A magical key is used to unlock the TomorrowLand gift box to reveal the bracelet. Once you have your bracelet, you must visit TomorrowLand.com and activate it. To activate the bracelet, it requires first and last name, email address, and the special 12-digit code located on the back side of the bracelet. The final step is to link the bracelet to your Facebook account.

Once inside the festival, you are now open to share with anyone else who has their TomorrowLand bracelet linked to their Facebook as well. Once you have met someone you want to link up with, simply press the little heart button on your bracelet at the same exact time as your new friend to wirelessly send your information to their Facebook page. Once you have synced, you and your new friend will receive a daily special friendship email. Within this email, you will have the contact info of all the friends of whom you have connected with via your TomorrowLand bracelet.

This is an amazing concept that we have all been waiting for. Honestly, it would be a great thing for other festivals throughout the world to follow suit. Since social media is so widely used these days, why not utilize this within the festival to connect everyone? Below is the instructional video that TomorrowLand posted about activating a TomorrowLand bracelet.