The Swedish duo out of Stokholm, known as Dada Life released the music video for their latest hit single, “One Smile,” on YouTube yesterday. The video received a tremendous response from the people of Dada Land around the world. The two producers decided not to, “make something ugly” as they like to say; but rather make people smile big instead. The music video was filmed in Melbourne, Austraila, at the Future Music Festival. The guys definitely followed the meaning of the song, “All you need is one smile,” by putting big smiles on everyone’s faces. You will also see some cool cameos of different EDM superstars like Martin Garrix, Carnage, and even Hardwell with some super large smiles on their faces.


The group talks in an interview about being in Australia earlier this year during the spring. “We have always loved the energy there so we had a camera crew follow us around the festival and in Melbourne on an off-day between shows to capture us and our fans spreading happiness by having people wear the smile masks.” The two also included, “We’ve been giving the masks out at our shows for a while now and seeing all of those happy faces is so amazing for us that we thought we could use the video to show everyone how great it feels. The Citizens of Dada Land who you see in the video are really who made it all happen!”

Below is the music video for Dada Life’s track “One Smile.” Check it out and see if it puts a big smile on your face like it did for us!