Joel Zimmerman super star dj/producer aka Deadmau5, just uploaded pictures of a crazy car wrap on his farrari via Deadmau5 facebook fan page. If this Ferarri doesn’t scream Deadmau5 I dont know what does. Tell us your thoughts on Deadmau5s Ferrari.

Daudmau5 does what he wants when he wants. Although he will probably catch some heat from many Ferarri fans obviously 0 fxcks were given.





3 months ago Deadmau5 took to instagram claiming he is working on a new wrap design for his Ferrari 458.



Not long after the initial post the design was in place. No one had imagined Deadau5 was working on a Nyan Cat car wrap!

Some commented: “Your not even down”

Deadmau5’s final post stated “I should seriously do this.” Most fans loved the idea of the unique car wrap.

One person even writes “If you do this to ur Ferrari I will have to kill you”


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