The house music duo, Halogen, from Atlanta, Georgia is on track to have another great year of fresh tunes. After capping off an eventful 2017 with some groovy tracks like “Can’t Resist,” “U Got That,” and “Kid Again,” the boys are back again this spring with another classy deep house cut titled, “Time.” This was featured on the German based house music collective label, Selected.

Halogen Releases New Single "Time" on Selected 1

The track embodies the unique style that Halogen has been developing over the past couple of years. “Time” starts off with a catchy synth melody that gradually builds into the vocals. You begin to feel immersed in the sense of a great house joint coming at you right away. They waste no time diving right into the groovy goodness of it all; and their shifty mixture of a calming yet funky bass line while the vocals and melody dance freely along with it makes this one of their top tier productions as of late. It drops into a beat that takes you through a whirl of emotion that will have you bobbing your head right along with the tune upon first listen.

You can easily be taken to a place where you feel most at ease with Halogen’s, “Time.” It’s one of those tracks that you just imagine yourself poolside on a nice weekend afternoon, or cruising through the city at night with the skyline in the backdrop. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate time of year for something like this to be released from Halogen. This one just goes hand in hand with a nice springtime environment. Take a listen, and it will most definitely be working its way into your house music playlists for this spring and summer. Be sure to add Halogen on all of your social accounts to follow up on what new and exciting things the duo has to offer this year.

You can hear “Time” by Halogen below. As an added bonus, you can also check out one of my favorite house music playlists on Spotify, which just happens to be created by Halogen as well called Housewerk.