Protohype is no stranger to the always evolving EDM game. Max Hype has known not only for his heavy bass rap infused tracks, but also for creating a new genre Dub Hop by mixing those two together. His unique style quickly gained popularity in both worlds and created a vast fanbase that is eager to break their necks when the heavy hitting producer comes to a city near you.

Protohype’s immerse music production along with his energy create an unforgettable experience for his listeners. From beautiful and chill tracks like “Fly” featuring Alina Renae’s beautiful vocals to an ultimate headbanger “Are you ready” with our favorite EDM pioneer Excision, Protohype proved us that he is not only an extremely talented producer but also a the one who creates a must hear sound. He’s also not scared to help out the up and comers with his wide collection of free sample packs that can be found on the Internet. From diverse Dubstep samples to MIDI files, he shares it all so you can create a heavy banger riddim track. His writing techniques are the ones to be praised for.

This weekend you get a chance to catch Protohype, Slimez and Xaebor at Believe Music Hall. Don’t sleep on this show! It will be an insane celebration of heavy grimy and nasty Dubstep tunes mixed with all kinds of ridiculousness to make you headbang till dawn and lose your mind.

Protohype to Headline at Believe Music Hall with Iris Presents in Atlanta (FREE TICKET GIVEAWAY) 1

The tickets are still available at Iris’s official website click here for tickets. Also, be sure to celebrate your Cinco de Mayo weekend in style at Believe Music hall with some special themed margaritas in mango, strawberry, skinny, Texas, and pomegranate flavors. Every pomegranate margarita sold will go towards Enduring Hearts charity, which is a pediatric heart transplant fund. We are also giving away two free tickets to this event, which can be found on our instagram page. We will see you at Believe Music Hall!


Protohype to Headline at Believe Music Hall with Iris Presents in Atlanta (FREE TICKET GIVEAWAY) 2.