Big Gigantic (Big G) is the funk child of Saxophonist Dominic Lalli and drummer Jeremy Salken. This feisty duo is coming to Atlanta’s very own Shaky Beats Festival on May 20-22. So what should we expect? Layers of electric funk jazz and hip hop trills on top of fresh saxophone and drums that will keep you on your feet the entire night.


Big Gigantic has sold out the biggest venues on their most recent tour, rocking the Masonic Temple in Detroit, Michigan with 6,000 plus fans shaking the floors far past midnight. If you don’t know much about Big G, here are some crucial notes you should bring with you in your funk knowledge to Shaky Beats.

Lalli has a master’s degree in Jazz from the Manhattan School of Music (You can trust this guy with a saxophone).
Originally formed out of Boulder, Colorado (and yes these two are HUGE promoters of green like medications).
Formed in 2008 and have since gained a massive following of dedicated fans whilst touring around the world with their funky groove style. Stylish and masterful with their work, the duo has worked beside producers like GRiZ, Gramatik, Bassnectar, and Odeza. Which, by the way, Odesza will also be bringing the heat to Shaky Beats as well.

If you are still not convinced, check out their website and soundcloud, newest music, and tour videos below!