Atlanta is well known for its support for the trap and moombahton side of EDM. Bringing Brillz, the TWONK master himself, and Snails to “Traplanta” is without a doubt a recipe for success. This was the trap star’s second time playing at Opera, and one of the many within the city of Atlanta. His first show at Opera had an amazing response, and this past show was just as great. This event at Opera Nightclub was part of the Twonkaholics Tour for Brillz, featuring Snails and even DJ Carnage for his NYE date in Milwaukee.

Snails opened up with his unique sound that he once coined as “vomitstep”. His music can be heard at festivals and other events alike. One of Snail’s breakout tracks that brought him into the light of EDM was his hit with ETC! ETC! called, “RUBBR;” which of course, he threw in his set that night. Snails played some awesome tracks that had his special “vomitstep” style added to them. Everyone was grooving and having a great time during his funky set. But that performance was only the tip of the iceberg.


Without any break in action, Brillz took to the decks and absolutely killed it. The dance floor stayed packed out and going insane for Brillz and his incredible set. He played some of his classics like “RVTCHET BITCH” and the crowd favorite, “Fuzzy Peach.” His blend of hip-hop influence with EDM together joined with his high energy performances are some of the many reasons why Atlanta supports Brillz so much. I don’t think there was a single person that was not having a great time during Brillz’s set. The crowd got so hyped that when Brillz dropped his last track, the crowd stormed up on the stage in front of the DJ booth.

20141114_opera_fri_(jw)_211 (2)

I thought that moment right there summed up the whole night. The music was bass heavy, the dance floor stayed full and Brillz definitely brought out everyone’s inner weirdo. If you have not been able to see either Brillz nor Snails live, you are missing out big time! Check out the Brillz EDC Orlando set, TWONK Team Vol. 5, and a Snails mix below.