Atlanta, GA— Shaquille O’Neal is a name most of us grew up seeing on our Tv screens dunking on anyone and everyone that dared to face this Diesel Truck head on and kissing a fist full of championship rings. But This NBA Champ-turned-Mainstage beast is now brining new team of Bass All Stars to cities all around the country, and this weekend he brings it to Believe Music Hall in Atlanta.

Shaq’s Bass All Stars in Atlanta features three completely different, but absolutely deserving artists. Yookie brings what can honestly only be described as the most intense, gut wrenchingly relentless bass you could think of. With edits and remixes heard on main stages around the world, this duo always surprises you with what they throw down. These dudes know no boundaries and if you haven’t had a chance to see them yet, do not miss this opportunity!

Valentino Khan will be brining the dance party with his eclectic mix of house, moombahton, trap and pretty much whatever the hell he wants. With tracks like “Deep Down Low.” “Pump Like That” and “Pony” you know Khan means business when it comes to hard hitting house. But don’t let the house vibes or the moonbahton energy fool you! This man will still drop face melters leaving you wondering what the hell just happened(in the best way possible)!

The man himself, Diesel, is headlining and I can’t think of better way to close out a night than raging with Shaq! If you still think this man is just another “celebrity DJ” you need to experience a set. From bangers, edits, even double drops, Diesel has proved himself more than worthy of being the dubstep conversation. But beware! He is known to enter the crowd and be the one to start the mosh pits during his set! And I mean come on…would you really want to miss out on an opportunity to headbang and mosh aside Shaquille O’Neal??

So join us at Believe Music Hall in Atlanta for Iris Presents Shaq’s Bass All Stars this Friday, November 1st! If you would like for a chance to attend this event for free with a friend, check out our official instagram page @raverschoice for details.