Life In Color tour has made its rounds, once again, landing back into the city of Atlanta. Life In Color is the world’s largest paint party that brings top tier EDM talent and an incredible production. There are many paint parties out there, but none can do it better than the Life In Color tour. This year’s edition of Life In Color brought Borgore and Pegboard Nerds to the Atlanta stop of the tour. Those two names alone scream a great time; especially here in Atlanta with all that trap and bass. Now, let’s combine that music with a few paint cannons, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a paint party!


Everyone was excited and ready for a great time, and both Borgore and Pegboard Nerds definitely delivered. Pegboard Nerds started the night off just right with their blend of bass music and dubstep with a little bit of house sprinkled in. I have never seen a crowd more ready to be blasted with paint before. Once the paint cannons showered the crowd, the energy through the roof. Everyone seemed to be loving their set, including myself. Their style of music was a perfect way to get everyone ready to get down and dirty to Borgore later.


Closing out the night was the one and only, Borgore. There is just something about Borgore that makes everyone get wild. His sets have such dirty, filthy, grimy bass that makes crowds get, dare I say, ratchet. Borgore played a great set and had everyone in the venue shaking it from start to finish. I have seen Borgore several times now and he has yet to disappoint.


Life In Color did a wonderful job all together, and made this year’s Life In Color event one to remember. Everyone got painted and danced the night away to some great music from Borgore and Pegboard Nerds. I would highly recommend going to a Life In Color paint party if you haven’t experienced one yet, you wont regret it. The event tours all around the world, and they even have a 2-day festival in Miami in December. Check out the Life In Color website to see if it is coming to a city near you and grab your tickets now.