Pioneer Pre-Sale

Exclusive Pioneer Pre-Sale 2/17 – 2/21

Pre-Sale Begins Monday 2/17 at 12PM EST

  *Exclusively for the first visitors of TomorrowWorld 2013*

There are several benefits for Pioneers. You do not have to Pre-Register for tickets. Instead, you will have exclusive access to the TomorrowWorld Pioneer ticket shop accessible using your personal E-Mail address. The Pioneer ticket shop will be open for 5 days and will grant the following benefits:

  • Reduced Pricing For All Ticket Types

  • Free Treasure Chest Shipping Within The USA

  • Invite 2 Friends To Join The Pioneer Pre-Sale

  • Payment Plans Will Be Available

  • Up To 8 Tickets Per Order (instead of 4 tickets for general on-sale)

  • All Pioneers Are Guaranteed These Privileges From February 17 – February 21

Invite 2 Friends to Join The Pioneer Pre-Sale: 

Instead of purchasing your friend’s tickets in your own order, you can now invite them to join the Pioneer Pre-Sale once you have purchased your own tickets to TomorrowWorld 2014. Just enter your friends E-Mail addresses when prompted in your ticket order confirmation email. Your friends will receive an email with instructions and will automatically receive the Pioneer benefits!

Have You Not Recieved Your Pioneer E-Mail?

If you atteneded TomorrowWorld 2013, be sure to check the email you purchased your tickets with for further information. Please email if you attended TomorrowWorld 2013, but have not received a Pioneer invite. Be sure to check your Spam folder before contacting customer service!


-The Pioneer Shop will open at exactly 12PM EST on Monday, February 17th.

-If you use your code once, you will have to wait for a least 20 minutes to enter the shop again.

-Including the “Invite a Friend” feature, your unique code will be valid for three ticket orders. Pioneers may purchase 8 tickets per order!



  • Pioneers shop will close Friday February 21st – 11:59 PM EST.
  •  If you use your code once, you will have to wait for a least 20 minutes to enter the shop again.


General On-Sale Begins February 22nd at 12 PM EST

Be sure to register at

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