It’s time for something new here in the city of Atlanta. Something that’s not the norm. Something that is not part of the cookie cutter electronic music that everyone is used to by now. This Saturday at Rush Lounge, Iris Presents has the answer: Champagne Drip.

Who is Champagne Drip? Why has he been flying under the radar for most people in the music scene? Sam Pool, aka Champagne Drip, is the man behind the new project. Pool launched the Champagne Drip project in 2014. For those that do not recognize the name Sam Pool, he is also responsible for the future melodic dubstep and drum n’ bass sounds with his former name, SPL. In a recent interview with Souls In Action, Pool stated that he wanted to create something different from SPL. “I was listening to lots of Phil Collins when the first Champagne Drip tracks were written. I also wanted to incorporate my experience in writing Drum n’ Bass and heavy dance music. I think some of the engineering techniques come from writing harder music, but since the goal of Champagne Drip isn’t to be hard, something new is created.

Sam Pool wanted to keep his identity a mystery for the beginning stages of the Champagne Drip project. Up until recently, no one knew who was behind the music. The trend of producers remaining anonymous has gained popularity over the last few years- ZHU, UZ, Marshmello, ATLiens. But for Sam Pool, he didn’t dawn a mask or post little mysterious riddle-like statements on social media. Instead, he just wanted to let his music do all the talking for him. Pool decided to reveal his identity earlier this year. He claimed that hiding his identity became too much of a gimmicky look, and he truly wanted to be able to own the style he created proudly without hiding it.


As mentioned before, Pool was already producing melodic dubstep as well as drum n’ bass styles with his former name as SPL prior to Champagne Drip. To describe the style that is Champagne Drip, it actually sounds like a mixture of future bass with a hint of tropical vibes, and even a mellowed out feel of drum n’ bass on occasion. You could enjoy the sounds of Champagne Drip on a club dancefloor as well as in a relaxed environment. Check out his latest EP – ‘Journey Into The Champagne Sea’. It is available for free download as well.


If you’re ready to experience a new sound that you probably have never heard before, make sure you grab your tickets and come out to Rush Lounge in Atlanta and check out this new future sound that is, Champagne Drip. Tickets are still available at Iris Presents. Also check out this great future bass mix featured on Here you will find all sorts of melodic and future bass goodies, and it might even give you an idea of what you will get with Saturday’s show.