The only constant in Lotus is that they are changing. They have been around for over 10 years and it is harder than ever to categorize their sound with any other label than evolving. Lotus tends to bring something different to every festival they attend. They play EDM at jam band festivals and bring guitars at EDM heavy festivals. Not too many acts can claim they have played a variety of festivals like Bonnaroo, Outside Lands, Ultra, and Rothbury.  They strive against conformity. There visuals change like their music and they always bring something fresh. The only clue I had for what I was in for was by listening to the Gilded Age album before the show. On the Gilded Age Lotus went with a more organic live band setup to provide an environment for people to see through the struggle and find joy. At times the album can sound like a mix of a jam band with the guitar riffs of an emo band from the 90s. That is Lotus trying to trigger the breakdown of whatever my be bothering you and let you experience happiness at any cost.


The was my first visit to the refreshed Tabernacle and it was nice to see the face lift. The upper levels of the Tabernacle provided excellent views of Lotus three story tall visuals but you sacrifice being able to dance like on the lower level. The visuals themselves matched the traditional, non-EDM band setup by skipping the lasers and LED light pillars they had on past tours. Instead they focused on moving spot lights and bright strobe light panels that still had a psychedelic vibe. Nonetheless lighting still impressed because it of the sheer numbers of lights and the complexity and variation of motions/patterns. All of this leads to a spiritual experience if you’re into “jamtronica.” Lotus has been blending genres together and mutating into something different since 1999.  If you like surprises and this sounds like your jam then check out Lotus.

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