Theories and rumors seem like they surface daily within the music industry these days. Some are worthy of talking about, while others are typically just nonsense that don’t deserve any time of day at all. It just depends on how juicy the story is, right? One thing to keep in mind when rumors are flying and everyone is talking, is that these are just theories and not the actual truth. Remember when there was this crazy idea that Zhu was perhaps Skrillex, or even former Krewella member, Rainman? The interweb was all over the place with bloggers trying to put their finger on who they thought the brilliant producer, Zhu, was. Although it was finally confirmed, thanks to an interview from Dancing Astronaut, that it was actually a producer named, Steven Zhu, and not really Skrillex after all. Now there is a new “secret” producer that has caused quite a buzz in the EDM community for the past several months known as Marshmello. The new producer who chose to stay hidden at first has possibly been revealed by Mr. Skrillex himself.

There have been all sorts of Reddit threads, Tweets, Facebook posts, and more on the speculation of the future bass producer’s identity. A couple of names showed up multiple times in these threads as the culprit behind the music of Marshmello- Skrillex, Jauz, and even Sikdope are the three that appear most. All of these names seem valid to be the person behind the music. All three have similar styles that they produce and play live in their sets.

New evidence has appeared, though, when Skrillex did an in-depth interview with Katie Couric a few days ago. The interview covered a broad range of topics on Skrillex from teaming up with Justin Beiber, to drugs in the music scene, to even his crazy hairdo. Towards the end, the interview was suddenly interrupted by a phone call to Skrillex. Couric looked at his phone and said, “It’s Chris.” Skrillex then replies with, “Oh, Marsmello! Let me shout him out.” You can see this for yourself in the interview between Skrillex and Katie Couric below. If you do not wish to watch it in its entirety, you can skip to the 12:30 mark where the phone call from Marshmello occurred.


By doing a little digging, you will find that on Marshmello’s twitter account, he is followed by three key players in this mystery: Dotcom, Sikdope, and Jauz. All three of which might seem like it’s not a big deal to the average listener; but if you look closer, you will find that these producers are managed under a man named Moe Shalizi. These three were big supporters of Marshmello from the beginning. So it comes as to no surprise that all three producers under the same manager would be supporting Marshmello since most managers have some control over the music that these guys share. If you look on producer’s contact info via social media, there you will find out how to book these guys to DJ shows. Just like everyone else, Marshmello has his booking info public as well. What he has in common with both Sikdope and Dotcom is that they are part of Circle Talent Agency.

After finding that little tidbit of information about how to book Marsmhmello, the name Chris will certainly ring a bell if you are familiar with Dotcom’s name, Chris Comstock. All of the lines are seeming to connect with the question of, who exactly is Marshmello? Since the interview between Skrillex and Couric, Marshmello released, “KnOw ME”, a catchy Jersey Club track with trappy influences which includes a picture of Katie Couric in the track’s artwork. Marshmello seems to still be having fun with the fact that everyone wants to know who he is.


With all of this being said, a phone call during a high-profile interview with a legendary interviewer such as Katie Couric is not of the norm, much less her actually addressing the caller as well. You just don’t see something like that happening during an interview of that level. It could have been something that was simply set up by Skrillex, or it could have actually happened by some weird coincidence, who knows? Skrillex is known for his side projects like Dogblood with Boys Noize and his recent Jack√ú collab with Diplo. So it doesn’t add up that it could be him as Marshmello, because he’d be way too busy to do three. Then again, it is Skrillex we are talking about. In this day in age, especially in the EDM industry, anything can happen at any given moment. Only time will reveal the mystery behind who Marshmello truly is.

Sources: Dancing Astronaut and Yahoo