“I’ve really captured myself as an artist over the last year and have been working hard to solidify and define what Witch House is and sounds like, as opposed to it’s infamous visual aesthetic. I’ve recently signed with TGS, an international booking agency, and hope to take this dark journey to the next level.  “Innocence” is a collection of unreleased tracks by myself and current DJ’s within the scene. I hope it keeps you warm this winter.”Nazariff


Any EDM fan can tell you that house comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, most would even argue that without house, our current scene wouldn’t be anywhere near as eclectic and vibrant as it is to this day. Truer words cannot be said about the sub-genres that fall under the house umbrella, the subject at hand today is a lesser known variant of it’s four on the floor counterpart, but has a rhythm and flow that is truly addicting, Witch House.


When it comes to the genre in question, Washington D.C. native Nazariff (Real Name Rodger Edmonds) is no stranger to producing this eccentric style of music. With a bass-line as smooth as silk, haunting lyrics and an overall vibe that is dark, ominous and sexy, Edmonds has done a stellar job of capturing the aesthetic of Witch House in audio form. His hand-crafted productions resonate originality in a market that is over-saturated with the same sound


With 2019 gearing up to be a busy year touring, Nazariff made the time to put out an incredible 30 minute mini-mix that’s sure to bring some heat to even the coldest of hearts. Check out his mix below, and be sure to stay on the lookout for him on tour in your area this year.


[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/558694680″]