Sound Tribe Sector 9 graced Atlanta, Georgia with 5 consecutive nights of amazing jamtronic, post-rock dance music. The end of which will culminate in a New Year’s Eve celebration where every attendee will ring in the new year to beautiful, melodic rhythms reminiscent of the perfect soundtrack to a picturesque lucid dream.

First forming in Atlanta over a decade ago, STS9 is no stranger to playing to this laid-back, southern crowd. This run of shows will mark the band’s 30th performance at The Tabernacle; one of Atlanta’s most beloved venues.

The light show was spot-on for the mood they were setting; so calm and serene. Their rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” had the whole crowd cheering. The live trumpet and saxophone accompaniment on their remake of Outkast’s “Spottieottiedopaliscious” made me dream Andre 3000 and Big Boi would appear on stage to finish it out and electrify the crowd. How cool would that collab be?

Trying to describe why an STS9 show is so amazing is like trying to explain why west coast sunsets are breath-takingly perfect or why your girlfriend is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. Sure, you can easily point out a few things to try to convey your pleasurable interpretation, but there is always that underlying, hard-to-describe, mystifying resonance of “it just is”. The most talented of poets would be hard-struck to describe the all around beauty of a STS9 performance. It’s so very hard to put into words the love you feel from the music and from every audience member there sharing the experience with you. The vibe of the entire place is one of love and undeniable happiness. The random acts of kindness you see between two strangers is one of the most uplifting things I’ve ever witnessed. My faith in people is renewed every time I see STS9 because the kind of people that listen to–no, NEED–this kind of music are the kind of people you would want your child to grow into being. Kind, loving, generous, accepting, non-judgmental, good people who are just there to treat their neighbor well and lose themselves in some of the most beautiful music being made today. Those are the kind of vibes that can save your life. That’s the kind of music that could change the world. If music is your religion, then STS9 are the prophets of peace, love, unity and respect. They speak only with music, because music is the best gift humans ever gave ourselves.

Download the tracks from 12/27’s set here.
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD 12/28’s set here.
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD – 12/29’s set here.

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Check out this excellent mix from STS9’s 2013 Winter/Spring Tour:
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