Suwannee Hulaween 2019 Recap 1

Halloween season has officially come and gone, with those last minute weekend costume parties coming to a close. Out of all the October music events though, Suwannee Hulaween IS the festival to get you in the true spooky spirit. 

A creative theme is what gives an event its unique vibe, and Hulaween goes above and beyond every. single. time. With so many different amazing minds coming together, how could it be anything less than magical? Here are just a few things from this fest that we really enjoyed: 

There were so many unique genres on this lineup, and hearing that exotic bass echo among the trees was music for the soul. The main stage brought a whole new set up this year, with even greater production. The String Cheese Incident never fails to give us a whole new spectacular show, and they remind us that music is joy. Saturday night was totally fetch with their 90’s themed cover set, dancers, costumes, special guests, and energy. It’s all about the energy! They certainly deserve another round of applause for headlining the entire weekend and killing it.

We always look forward to being greeted by the famous wooden sculpture, Snorra, by Thomas Dambo. She can be seen lurking within the Suwannee forest, lighting up in different ways each night. The one of a kind art installations are a huge part of the festival experience. You could find artists painting live all hours of the day, or take a trip through the mural maze, or look into the most beautiful kaleidoscopes you’ve ever seen! At certain times of the day you were able to see live paintings by so many creative minds, and there were different kinds of performers every where we looked.

Spirit lake is absolutely amazing. The visuals could leave you sitting there for hours. It is an absolute must see at this festival, although you’ll find your way there, inevitably. So here’s another round of applause, for all of the artists, sculptors, lighting designers, and visual effects humans involved.

The vendors, workshops, and activities included a craft beer corner, juggling and Capoeira Music and Movement classes, and groovy silent discos. Marvelous Marvin came equipped with his “no cash, no limit, barter blackjack experience.” It was such an amazing and necessary thing to stumble upon at 2 am. (:

 Suwannee Hulaween 2019 Recap 2

Something cool:
By day 2, everyone had moved in with each other among the trees, and truly created a little community. Luckily the rain ~mostly~ held out this year, but rain or shine you’ll learn A LOT, and see people promoting so many great environmental and humanity causes. Hula also provides Hula for a Cause, and Hula helps the hungry. Partying for a cause? Sign us up. Throughout your time there you will also receive so many beautiful messages from others, and trade certain gifts and artifacts. The experience reminds us how human interactions are truly meant to be. 

Hulaween 2019 may be over, but this is a festival that leaves you with memories lasting a lifetime. So thank you, Suwannee Music Park, for having us out this year. It was rad!

Although, they did hint at HULA2020 in an instagram post, so in that case, we’ll see you guys next year (;

Suwannee Hulaween 2019 Recap 3
Photos by Jo Eppelbaum and Harlee Pope