(Atlanta, GA)— Oh, what a show! This past weekend Shaq brought some serious fun time to ATL. Too bad he couldn’t attend it, however, that didn’t stop YOOKiE and Valentino Khan from raging with the fans and bringing two completely different vibes to the table.


YOOKiE & Valentino Khan Deliver Heat to Chilly ATL Weekend for Shaq's Bass All Stars 1
Credit: @spacemediaatl

Lords of Bass, as YOOKiE call themselves, never disappoint. Opening up with some intense face melting dubstep drops, they sure set the mood for the crowd. Dressed up as different creatures the crowd looked like a cauldron of headbanging shadows and moshing spirits. Not only did YOOKiE play the heaviest tracks known to mankind, but they also spiced it up with some filthy trap and my all time favorite original melodic track “One Life,” along with some memorable rompers like “Snakes,” “Apocalypse,” and “Another Dimension Remix.” Of course, they were hitting the fans hard while skillfully mixed with some evil sounding satanic like bass thrown in. Did you know that these guys were actually kicked out of the clubs for being ‘too heavy’? But here in Atlanta, this is something that everyone craves and wants to hear more of the face-melting gory drops. Finishing up with “Spiders”, their newest collab with BTSM, these guys completely destroyed the dance floor.


YOOKiE & Valentino Khan Deliver Heat to Chilly ATL Weekend for Shaq's Bass All Stars 2
Credit: @spacemediaatl

Next up was the master of the unexpected. My boy Khan got the crowd jumping, shaking, and shuffling with his house and moombahton tracks. From catchy “Pizza” to the Chad-favorite “Losing it,” to his own spooky “Flip the Switch” and “Pony,” Khan definitely enjoys his own performance along with the crowds cheerful roar. His visuals are whole different realm that needs to be addressed. From a double headed monster VK that constantly grows out of its own mouth, to him dressed as Ronald McDonald and a sexy stripper, you can clearly tell that Khan had some fun creating those for the Halloween night at Believe Music Hall. Everyone jumps in anticipation to hear the main track of the night and Khan fulfills the expectations. “Deep Down Low” makes everyone go crazy and jump so hard that he floor shakes. The show is over, but you still hear the sounds of the track echoing in your mind. What a night!