March 31, 2016

Martin Garrix and 7 Up hold a concert for Deaf fans (VIDEO)

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Music is the fuel for Living it UP. It connects us, moves us, and makes us feel alive.  So we want to look at it in a whole new way, and not just look at it – feel it. We want to show that music is more than sound and give you refreshing new ways to experience it.



Music has power beyond sound. You don’t have to hear it to feel it. That’s why we teamed UP with Martin Garrix to put on a surprise concert for the deaf so they could experience music in a whole new way.




“the fact that they can still know when there’s a buildup, know when a track drops, know when there’s a breakdown…that blows my mind. it’s so cool.”- martin garrix



7UP interviewed Martin Garrix to find out what music means to him