What do you get when you shut down one of the busiest streets in downtown Atlanta, put in bounce houses, zip-lines, and some stages on the street? If you guessed a Kingdom Rave Block Party, then you are absolutely correct! On July 18-19, the organizers behind Kingdom Rave decided to shut down a portion of Spring Street, where the Spring 4th Complex venue is nestled in, to have one big party in the street. A few things that Atlanta is known for, is its outdoor parties, and traffic, lots and lots of traffic.

One of the main organizers of Kingdom Rave announced via Facebook in late June that they were going to shut down part of Spring Street in Atlanta, to throw one of the biggest Kingdom Raves yet. Here is the post below:

Each Kingdom Rave event, the lineups get better and better. The headliners for this one were Downlink, Loudpvck, Figure, TORRO TORRO, Technoboy, and more! This lineup was full of big talent, along with many other artists from all over. Here is the full lineup flyer below:

Where do I even begin with this? The guys behind Kingdom Rave definitely outdid themselves with this one. I really enjoyed covering this event for both days. From the time the doors opened to the time the doors closed, the music, energy, and good vibes were turned up past eleven. The main stage that was set up outside was the big attraction of the weekend for sure. However, the other stages that were set up around the venue kept the Kingdom Ravers moving all around the place. I really enjoyed how each artists were scheduled; so it was made easy to move about the venue and enjoy the music at each stage.

Both nights I got to enjoy each of the headliners. On Friday night, Downlink was on fire with his heavy hitting dubstep set. The energy was through that tent roof, and I’m sure the surrounding areas of Atlanta heard those wobs. I ventured around after Downlink to the other stages to catch some of the other artists as well. Every stage I visited had wonderful energy and the dancefloors were packed. Even though there was a little wet weather at the end of the night, the ravers kept on raving. I was happy to see everyone stick around even though we had some nasty weather come through for a moment.


Saturday night was just as hyped as Friday. Technoboy brought a little bit of hardstyle to the streets of Atlanta, which is a rare occasion due to its trap background. I was happy to see some hardstyle get some spotlight in a bass heavy city such as Atlanta. Loudpvck kept the energy moving along with their infamous moombahton sound, playing those familiar trap hits we all know and love to turn up to. Figure and TORRO TORRO were the last two sets, and closed out the mainstage on the street. Both of those sets were an awesome transition from heavy bass to some energy-filled big room. I moved inside to the QUAD mainstage, which was taken over by the Trap & Bass record label. The guys with Trap & Bass kept the energy going inside, and had people pouring in after the stage outside closed down for the night.

Overall I believe this was a great success for Kingdom Rave. Each day and night had some amazing sets, and there were plenty of fun attractions to keep the ravers busy as well. I don’t think I talked to anyone who said that they were not having a good time at Kingdom Rave 15. I met many people that were not even from the Atlanta area. In fact, I met handfuls of people that were from surrounding states. Kingdom Rave is beginning to build a name for itself not only locally, but also on a national scale. More and more people are starting to travel to these monthly events that these guys are putting on. I see great things in the future for Kingdom Rave, and it will only get better for them if they keep up the great work.