Last week in the heart of Atlanta, Anthony Rotella, otherwise known as Mayhem, came back to his hometown of ATL to perform. Mayhem definitely brought the party along with him, rolling deep with tons of talent to party on stage with him that night. The event was named “Mayhem & Friends,” and he brought along the future-trill artist CRNKN to pack the extra punch for the nights event. The hometown hero didn’t stop there; some guest appearances on stage included Atlanta trap star Heroes X Villains, Lil B, Mr. Collipark, Downlink, Butch Clancy, DJ Nappy, DJ Spinz, and many more.

The night was a constant party from start to finish at opera. The energy was incredible and with each track the guys played, the energy continued to build. The crew that Mayhem brought was bouncing around all over the stage engaging the crowd for every minute. I’ve covered events at Opera Nightclub before, and I have not seen a performance like that in a long time. As I walked around, everyone seemed to be having a blast with Mayhem and his crew behind the decks. Mayhem took to Facebook after his show to thank his fans, the venue, and the organizers for one special night to remember. Here is the thank you status that he made below:

Mayhem and Friends was not the only event that was going on at Opera Nightclub that Friday night. A local group known as Atlanta EDM debuted their first Atlanta EDM Showcase in the back room of the club. They had their own lineup of local talent playing music; as well as free TomorrowWorld swag, free food, and a kandi making area. The group also did a free TomorrowWorld day pass giveaway at the showcase as well. Between the main room with Mayhem, and the back room with the Atlanta EDM Showcase, there was plenty of fun and entertainment to go around. As I looked around the room at the showcase, I saw many people making kandi bracelets, mingling together, and taking pictures with all the cool TomorrowWorld merchandise. That was exactly what Atlanta EDM wanted to accomplish with the showcase. The goal was to not only let the community know who they are as a group, but to give people a chance to meet one another and hang out at events. The girls behind Atlanta EDM, Traci Yoshimura and Cat Martinez, could not have been more pleased with the way that the showcase turned out; and they are looking forward to having more showcases in the near future. The group is slowly beginning to make a presence within the EDM community of Atlanta. Below is the awesome flyer that Atlanta EDM used to announce the showcase.


If you missed last Friday’s event at Opera do not worry. Mayhem has earned himself a quarterly residency with Liquified events and Opera Nightclub. Expect to see Mayhem & Friends rolling through Atlanta quite often going forward. Also the Atlanta EDM Showcase was a great success as well. The group is going to continue to hold showcases on certain Fridays during Liquified’s events. Make sure you stay on the lookout for both of these events in the future, because you definitely do not want to miss out on either of them.