Kooly Bros – Tower Guy FREE DOWNLOAD: (What is the tower guy song about?)

“This record is about just living it up, living free, & living in the moment. Its about how music can make you feel and wow music brings the people together. Following your dreams and never letting them stop u from what u want to do. If you believe you can achieve; it may sound cheesy as that sounds but fuck it is what it is #thatsall”

(What inspired you to create the record?)

Shit really I smoked and played the strobe deadmou5 record, which is one of my favorite records of deadmou5 on youtube and then started to freestyle the hook/melody and it felt right. We just did it. I came with melody and sanders helped out with the words, and now you have the tower guy record which is what it is.



Kooly bros is a diverse musically talented trio consisting of three white guys who grew up in the suburbs and around the city and always had an ear for great tunes. In house producing, engineering, writing, singing, and rapping these boys can take their electronic dance music/ hip hop and pop sound worldwide. European influenced sounds with all elements of music that can feel comfortable mixing in with any genre. They have all that it takes to prosper in the music industry; never has there ever been a music group like Kooly bros . Greg, Jeff, and Wes all with their own different image; one a edgy and wild, one gq, and one all american boy all come together to form the Kooly bros and can change music completely.

Kooly bros grew up right outside of atlanta in a city named marietta in the suburbs. Brothers’ Greg Tecoz born in Geneva, Switzerland and Jeff Tecoz born in Tulsa, Oklahoma have been doing music together for over thirteen years. Wes has been free styling and writing for just as long but never thought much of it until the brothers actually put him in the studio and decided to start a group.

The Tecoz brothers started rapping at a very young age and were involved with Atlanta’s “Crunk” movement featuring in music videos and performing with artists like Ciara, Lil Jon, Trillville, Lil Scrappy, DMX, Lil Flip, T.I., Ludacris, Petey Pablo, Ying Yang Twins and many other artists in The Dirty South.
Greg and Jeff were part of a group in 2007 Str8 Drop that was affiliated with T.I.’s Grand Hustle camp. Str8 Drop opened up for T.I. several of times for large crowds and are very familiar with the artist life and live stage. The group had many shows and recorded hundreds of songs in Grand Hustles personal professional studio in Atlanta. Working and performing with artists like Atlantic Records own B.O.B., Shady Aftermaths’ Yelawolf, T.I., Rock City, Asher Roth, Dem Franchize Boyz, Brick Squads’ Gucci Mane, Future, Waka Flaka, Lil Scrappy just to name a few.
Greg Tecoz has been producing for over 13 years and is a well known super producer in Atlanta. Greg has done production for artists like B.O.B., Rock City, 2 Chainz, Shawty Lo, Gucci Mane, meek mills, bust rhymes,Waka Flaka, Alley Boy, and Lil Scrappy just to name a few. Greg has also been singing for over 5 years and has featured on songs with many different artists. Most recently Greg did the chorus for a smash hit on the pop radio produced by worldwide producer Red One called “fist pump jump” with atlanta’s own Ying Yang Twins which is played in hollywood movies and trailers. Greg Tecoz has performed on stage all around Atlanta for the past 5 years on his pop solo debuts and has a remarkable live show. Greg Tecoz is most definitely a triple threat to the music industry and once in the door will follow up with many hits and will play a major factor on the production side as well as an artist who can sing and rap. Greg is also a writer in a team with his brother Jeff and a close friend Dre “Singa Boi” Bennet; this writing team can follow up with many smash hits for any artist. Kooly bros have been blessed with all these musical talents which can make these boys the biggest band in history.



Contact/Links: www.soundcloud.com/koolybros100

Twitter and Instagram: @koolybros100



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