Love was in the air for Valentine’s Day, last Saturday in Atlanta. The closest shape to a heart is that beloved Tritonian triangle that is, Tritonal. So what better way to kick off the day of love than with a balanced set of feel good big room and progressive music from this duo? Atlanta was once again turned into the land known as, Tritonia. These guys are truly making their mark in the EDM community, and it is amazing to watch their success come pouring in from all over the world.


Couples and singles ready to mingle packed out Opera Nightclub to celebrate their V-Day right, and Tritonal could not have performed any better for them. From beginning to end, their set was perfectly blended between the top tracks from big room and electro. Of course, what would a Tritonal set be without their classic crowd favorites, “Anchor,” “Satellite,” and “Colors.” The guys didn’t stop there, they threw in some other notable bangers like, “Raise Your Hands,” “Something Something Champs,” and even my favorite still, “Heroes,” from Alesso. The set was just packed full of energy, and the crowd was feeding off every bit of it. One of the many aspects that I enjoy about Tritonal’s sets is that not only are they extremely animated behind the decks, but so is the music that they play. You just can’t help but lose yourself in the music each and every time during their set. I always enjoy seeing a DJ(s) show emotion and being energetic, and it really shows that they are also having a great time playing for the crowd.


The guys also took the opportunity to unveil their newest track, “Ginsu,” from MainStage Music which was released just less than a week ago. The melody is just wonderful, and it has a hint of that W&W build up that we all know and love. Check it out below and get familiar with it, because you’re going to be hearing this one everywhere soon.

Their newest track wasn’t the only surprise of the night. Up in the VIP balcony, I witnessed something beautiful, a lovely couple got engaged right in the middle of Tritonal’s set. I just so happened to be walking by right as it happened, and it was so amazing to see. What better way to propose to the person you love on Valentine’s Day seeing Tritonal? That was such a special moment for both of them, and I felt that it did not need to go unnoticed.

20150214_opera_sat_(ck)_0939 (1)

Their set was perfect in every aspect. They played the best mix of electro hits with a little big room and progressive tossed in as well. Let’s not forget the wonderful visuals and production that went into the performance as well. They just continue to crush their performances every at single show. Tritonal has certainly made a name for themselves over the last two years, and they are not showing any signs of slowing down soon. If you have not yet experienced a Tritonal set, which you should be ashamed for not doing so yet, check out this amazing performance from EDC Orlando. It will more than likely convince you that you should see them live at least once. For those of you that have heard them before, just listen anyways.