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Life In Color tour has made its rounds, once again, landing back into the city of Atlanta. Life In Color is the world’s largest paint party that brings top tier EDM talent and an incredible production. There are many paint parties out there, but none can do it better than the Life In Color tour. […]

On the night of Halloween in Atlanta, people packed into the historic Tabernacle venue to get funky with the one and only, Big Gigantic. Atlanta has always been very supportive of the unique duo from Colorado known as Big G. The group did a show on the same night in Atlanta in 2013 with great […]

If you live in Atlanta and you don’t like rap you probably have a hard time finding people that relate. Atlanta is the center of the hip hop universe. Fool’s Gold catered to the city and the crowd and every set leaned towards hip hop rather than EDM. The Fool’s Gold Day Off headliners Low Pros, […]

On the evening of August 30, 2014, the city of Atlanta became what is known as Dada Land for the night. According to witnesses, the city became ugly, and the two men from Sweden who call themselves Dada Life had taken over. No one knows why or how it happened, but that night, things got […]

Just recently, Baltimore, Maryland was home to a two day music festival called Moonrise Music Festival. It was located just north of downtown Baltimore at the famous Pimlico Race Course. The line up was incredible, filled with artists of multiple genres of electronic music. Among the epic lineup of Moonrise was Lotus. Lotus is an […]